Jaw crusher to extend the service life

Shaft kiln clinker jar crusher often appear moving jaw body oil hardening, agglomeration, bearing roller flip stuck or bearing burn phenomenon, bearing life is generally only 5-6 months. The reason is mainly determined by the working environment of the jaw crusher. The jaw crusher in the long-term high temperature, high dust environment work. Lubrication used in the temperature of butter viscosity is high, once the jaw crusher cooling after the oil hardening, coupled with sealing damage, a small amount of dust and oil mixture to produce agglomeration. Produce hardening, agglomeration, the oil can not join. Jaw crusher cooling solution: to reduce the jaw crusher jaw body temperature, the choice of low viscosity of the oil. In the jaw crusher jaw body back, with δ = 3mm steel plate welding a cooling water tank, the width of the tank than the jaw body 10mm, to maximize the cooling water and moving jaw body contact area prevail, does not affect the refueling , Does not affect the maintenance of lifting can be. The Roots blower cooling wastewater into the tank for recycling, only a small amount of drainage can be used, hose and water tank connection. Lubricants from No. 3 lithium grease to 3 calcium base grease. After testing, clinker jaw crusher did not occur bearing damage, the use of the effect is very good. If you want to learn more about jaw crusher,plz visit jaw crusher for sale.

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