SBM China crushing equipment to take the green road

In the green environment as the main theme of social development, the global environment and energy crisis is growing situation, the industry are deeply aware of: repeat the past that high consumption, high pollution, low efficiency of the extensive development of the way, is not in line with the current situation , While the relevant policies issued by the state also increased the high energy consumption and high pollution industry regulation and control efforts, energy saving and environmental protection will change the economic development mode to occupy more and more important position. Crusher as a mining machinery, used to break the ore rock, a long time, the mine industry gives the impression that: dirty, chaotic, poor, dust flying. Green environmental protection sounds like nothing to do with the crusher, but careful analysis of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, you will find through the operation of the process of environmental protection, reduce pollution, crusher industry in energy saving is also promising. Improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, protect the environment, crusher industry in this direction, so that the previous inefficient, high energy consumption, heavily polluted image greatly improved, but also will be the market's favor. At the same time crusher in the application of environmental protection industry will also be closely linked with green trees, broken construction waste is not only to reduce the accumulation of municipal waste, more is conducive to urban construction, and broken after the construction waste can use. SBM chinaindustry that the crusher should be designed for the following two aspects to improve: First, the domestic mining machinery products, especially the urgent need for national construction of key equipment can not meet the requirements, and the existence of low technological content, product value is not high , Product quality is not stable, full labor productivity and other issues. Most enterprises in scientific research, new product development, technological transformation and enterprise management and other aspects of energy and capital investment are in a standstill, the general is the mining machinery industry, the overall strength is not strong. Second, the domestic mining machinery industry on the mine's actual contribution rate is low. Mainly due to product variety, technology, quality, service and other aspects of the problem. In response to the call of environmental protection, need to work hard in environmental protection and energy conservation. In the green road, the state will, as always, that customers create value for the staff to seek benefits, in good faith cast the foundation as a mission. In good faith, efficient, professional, smiling service for every customer. To create and produce environmentally friendly, energy efficient and efficient, and take the road of quality and efficiency, and strive to build the world state brand and sincerely look forward to your visit. For more information about SBM china,plz visit SBM china.

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