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We ' re talking about a bunch of forms of beans developed on Hidalgo Chocolate Mining corp precisely the plantation. White chocolate isn't technically one of the sorts of chocolate because it does not include any chocolate liquor. It must include milk that is 14% and at least 20% cocoa butter, plus sugar in quantities.

Not to be confused with cocoa powder, which can be regular eating chocolate that's been ground to create a powder. It shouldn't be used instead of cocoa powder in recipes, and is used for making drinks.

Aka Ground Cacao, Cacao Nibs Roasted Cacao

This is the cornerstone of all types of chocolate, shaped by grinding cacao beans. Nothing is included, and it doesn't include alcohol. It obviously contains about 53 percent cocoa butter (fat).
aka Coating Chocolate

Aka Unsweetened Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Powder, Unsweetened Cocoa
When people speak of "chocolates" from the plural, they are typically referring to chocolate candies, like truffles, chocolate creams, chocolate-covered nuts, which sort of thing. "Chocolates" are candy made from other varieties of chocolate.

"Dutched" cocoa is shaped by cleansing powder powder using an alkali solution of potassium carbonate. This darkens the color and neutralizes the acidity of this powder. Very cocoa is called black cherry, which gives their distinctive look to Oreos.

Sweet Chocolate


Contains at least 10 percent chocolate liquor, plus cocoa butter and sugar in varying quantities, and at least 12% milk (milk, cream, milk powder, etc).


Chocolate. For baking, it's used and also also to create different varieties of chocolate. Bakers prefer this sort of chocolate for baking since they have more control on the sweetness and flavor.

3) bittersweet chocolate (chocolate liquor + sugar + cocoa butter) Most chefs would not look at this true baking chocolate due to the added cocoa butter, though you might find it labeled as such.

When chocolate liquor is pressed to expel the fat and make cocoa powder, the expelled is cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is added to earn it gives that smooth feel we love to chocolate.
These are vegetable coatings which contain chocolate liquor and/or cocoa butter for flavor, sugar and a few level cocoa powder. They aren't chocolate that is true. The advantage to using them is that they typically don't "blossom" in high heat. They are used in producing chocolate decorations.


We hope that clears up things, at least a little.
Aka Origin Chocolate, Single Origin Grand Cru, Single Cru
Contains at least 35% chocolate liquor, plus cocoa butter and sugar in varying amounts. There is no technical difference between bittersweet and semisweet kinds of chocolate, and they are frequently known as "dark." Be aware that there is such a thing as "bittersweet (or semisweet) baking chocolate," which is sweetened cocoa liquor without the additional cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter can be utilized in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It smoothes to the skin well, because it melts at approximately 97 ° F. It has therapeutic properties and is resistant to spoilage.

Includes at least 15% chocolate liquor, plus cocoa butter and sugar in varying amounts. Some people mistakenly refer to this as "bittersweet."


aka Chocolate Liqueur

The several types of chocolate could be rather confusing, but we all know something--if it's made for eating, that is the kind we would like!


Aka Gianduia, pronounced zhahn-DOO-yuh
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